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Chassis Enclosure

Form Factor: 7U modular enclosure (rackmount and/or pedestal) Dimensions: W 12.22" (31.04cm) x H 17.5" (44.45cm) x D 35.5" (90.42cm) Weight: - Chassis with all I/O modules (Gigabit and InfiniBand) and power supplies - 62.2lbs (28.3kg) - Chassis fully loaded with blades and I/O modules - 136.6lbs (62kg)

Power Supplies

watt hot-plug power supplies - Based on high efficiency and “power factor correction” 1600W @ 120V = 13.33A (92% efficiency: 14.40A) 1600W @ 220V = 6.66A (92% efficiency: 7.19A) - Redundant power supplies support 2+2 (fully populated, full redundancy) or 1+1 (half populated, full redundancy) or 1 or 2 + 0 (non-redundant) modes - Power supplies require 110 or 200+ volt AC input Dimensions: W 4.274" (108.56 mm) x H 1.543" (39.19 mm) x D 21.52" (546.61 mm) Weight: 5.9 lbs (2.68 kg)

Cooling Fans

Chassis comes standard with hot pluggable, redundant fan modules based on Smart Energy Technologies

Input Device

Front control panel with touch screen graphical LCD - Supports initial configuration wizard - Local server nodes, enclosure, and module information Two USB "pass-throughs" in front and back

Enclosure I/O Modules

Up to two fabrics, featuring Ethernet switches providing uplink scalability and high speed InfiniBand modular switches (8 ports SDR, 12 or 24 ports DDR) Ethernet Switch 16 RJ-45 auto-sensing 10/100/1000 Mbps UTP ports - Bandwidth: 32 Gbps (non-blocking) - Forwarding Mode: Store-and-forward - Forward rate: 10 Mbps port = 14,800 packets/sec; 100 Mbps port = 148,000 packets/sec; 1000 Mbps port = 1,488,000 packets/sec - Latency: 100 to 100 Mbps = 40 ? (max); 1000 to 1000 Mbps = 10 ? (max) - Queue buffer memory: 512 Kbytes per port - Status LED: Power, activity and link indicators for each port, link and speed indicators built into each RJ-45 port IBS12DDR/IBS24DDR 12 or 24 Ports InfiniBand Switch IBS12DDR - Twelve -4X 10/20Gbps (SDR/DDR) CX4 ports with support for optical adapters and cables - Subnet management software - Embedded management with Linux OS with Ethernet and secure shell access - Ultra-low latency < 180ns - InfiniBand v1.2 compliant - Dual redundant auto-sensing - Status LED: Power, activity and link indicators for each port, link and speed indicators built into each CX4 port - IBS24DDR - Optional 12-4X 10/20Gbps CX4 Ports daughter card (for a total of 24 ports) - 480Gb/s (SDR) or 960Gb/s (DDR)


Web-based Remote System Management Graphical Mode Console Redirection Performance monitoring Remote control: Graceful power shutdown and reboot, hard power shutdown and reset without notice System Management: Local System Management Application, Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Reports: System Information, Health Log, Adminstration, Application for local management Pager Alert and E-mail Alerts SNMP support Health monitoring: CPU and system temperatures, system voltages, CPU and chassis fans, power failure IPMI 2.0 support





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